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You can't put a price on looking fresh, but for a limited amount of time get this spicy dad hat at a discount price! 

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Dad hat hot pick of the week #2

When we asked our customers to rate the spiciness of this hat out of ten, they told us eleven. Don't buy this hat unless you're sure your head can handle the crippling level of vintage-sexiness this hat exudes. 

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The other morning I discovered gravity when an apple fell on my head. Luckily, my fresh Baltoro Dad Hat saved me from sure pain #thankgod

Sir Issac Newton

My contributions to theoretical physics were groundbreaking, but they are nothing compared to the dad hats I just bought #hugefan

Albert Einstein

Yesterday I created the world's first lightbulb. The light was blinding until I pulled on my trusty Baltoro Dad Hat to shield my eyes. 

Thomas Edison

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